Dog Team Dog Team Dean and Cody Dean and Cody 200129281 Debra and Snap Snap found the subject! 200129282 Debra and Snap 200129283 Snap Snap sends her regards (through Mom,Debra). I received a couple photos of me from a young LE Officer at the Cadaver Dog Training last week. She took a great photo of myself swimming upstream in odor all the way to source. You can see that I was trying to get up that small water fall to source, but couldn't. Mom called me out of the water and had me work around the fall and came to it from behind. Mom was proud to watch me follow that odor in the stream to source. Being in the water was fun. I learned a lot. Mom was so proud of me! I am proud to have the NCSAR and county badges on my vest! Snap 200129284 Play Time Zoie, Pip, and Snap take a break. 200129285 Pete and Bear Pete and Bear 200129286 Kari and Sasha Kari and Sasha 200129287 Emma and Emma and 200129288 Sasha Sasha 200129289